More About Me

My Goal is YOUR Goal!

Since becoming a REALTOR®, I have had to find a balance between two extremes. I was drawn to real estate by the belief I could help people and put others first. However, the way the industry worked, it seemed that you had to project confidence, knowledge and even a sense of superiority if you expected to succeed. I quickly learned that successful agents indeed put the customer first. In fact, they seemed to put almost everyone else first - family, friends and even competition, if that made for a better situation for everyone involved. In other words, they had become servants and had learned to humble themselves.

I do this not because I like to put myself in the limelight, but to remind you that I'm still here and intend to be here for many years to come, eager to serve you like no other REALTOR® in our area.

I grew up in Gilroy, California and moved to Sonoma County for my education. I attended Santa Rosa Junior College and transferred to Sonoma State University to major in Energy Management & Design. My degree, in short, is mainly building residential homes to be energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

I decided to get into real estate for the love of relationships and helping peoples’ dreams come true. I am looking forward to the very special opportunity to serve you in your real estate needs.

Thanks for stopping by,
Taylor Mason
(707) 484-0295